Accelerating Success with Red Hat Solutions

As a Red Hat Premier Apex Partner, Axcelinno’s team of Red Hat Alumni work closely with clients as an accelerator to select the best Red Hat products, and bring successful, field-tested techniques and ideas from around the globe for their solutions.

At Axcelinno, one of our missions is solving problems for our clients with technology in a matter of weeks with a industry leading mentoring model. Red Hat’s leading open source products are foundational to accelerating client success, allowing us to stay at the forefront of innovation through professional services and creating tailored client professional services.

These supported Red Hat products are superior to proprietary in cost, freedom, privacy, security, quality and community. Tools from Red Hat based on the best practices we recommend, help our clients build software faster, continuously improve their teams and processes, drive the change needed to thrive while modernizing and transforming their enterprise applications.